Teaching the kids of Cumbuco how to Kitesurf.

Teach the kids of Cumbuco  is one of my  social project. That started in June last year 2012. More info: http://www.kitesurfing-brazil.com (blog)

Thanks to Cabrinhakites supporting me with the new equipamente. I was able to use my new 2013 switchblade kites on the project. Big thanks to Su and Dave Kay for donating the board to the girls. This project started last year with 6 girls, take a look back to July to see the action.

Well this was an unbeatable day.First we got the girls together but only 3 could come.We went in a buggy to Cauipe lagoon. Making the lesson safer, easyer and more fun for everyone. One of the girls can ride and the other two body draged before. The girls were exited to try NEW 2013 Cabrinha Kites and boards. Running through all the basic’s first, sight, environment and activities more saftey then on to setting the equipment up. Learn the new quick release and control bar with new colours. Always having fun. Standing in the shallow water,bodydrag and then the board. By the end of the day the girls were riding small distance’s.The girl that could already ride went to ride with Dave in the middle of the lagoon were there is more space. To end a perfect day, was a special surprise for the girls to meet in person Bruna Kajiya a Brasilian world champ in woman’s freestyle.

I enjoyed the day, seeing the progression made me feel happy knowing  kitesurfing is somthing that they can take on in to there life’s.We are planning the next lessons soon.


DSCN3825DSCN3843DSCN3839DSCN3885DSCN3928DSCN3901DSCN3912DSCN3954 (2)



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