Hello friends. I have been very busy… Happy to have so many things to do, compete, advertise for Cabrinha, kitesurf school Kitebud and social project . I’m glad to have the support from companies in Brazil. This year I start to get the support from Eugenio Fortes Academia and Cafe De La Musique this makes all the difference.

The  Brazilian  Kitesurf Tour is taking me to beautiful places I had never dreamed of. Meeting people from all different places. The state Teresina, area Piaui and Maranhao -Sao Luis,  all wonderful beaches with different kinds of weather for kitesurfing.  Maranhao for example was light wind with gusts now and again. Most of the time I used my 9 metre Cabrinha Switchblade.  In Teresina the wind was strong all the time 30 to 38 knots so I had to hold on to my 7 metre Switchblade ;).Hoping to get  5 metre Switchblade soon.

I’m  2nd place in the tour in Freestyle,  Now I’m waiting for the last stop in Fortaleza on 20/24th of November.




Tomorrow 07/11/2013 is the start of the Brazil  kitewave competition, the  location is on the beach at Praia do Futuro- Fortaleza.

I will be there  to represent Ceara, Cabinha, Kitebud Kitesurf School and LiP sunglasses.

I hope for a good result and more importantly  HAVE FUN!

x x  xx20131026_134941





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