OBK Open Brazil kitesurf

Hello  friends 🙂 😀 😉

Just to tell you,  that last weekend in Fortaleza I was in  the

first lap of the OBK (Open Brazil Kitesurf ) at the Modality Kitewave.

The best athletes in kitewave in Brazil showing up in Praia do Futuro with good condition in the morning…strong wind and big waves.

Was great to watch the good guys and girls  enjoying the waves, you get inspiration and I just wanted to enjoy it too..

The competition for me was very enjoyable. I meet some old friends, made some new ones too.

Madson and Julianne (friends that live in Fortaleza) came to watch and to give me support..just what I needed….

I noticed my progression during the heats….In the single elimination I was 3rd place and in the double elimination I made my way to the 2nd Place. 

I’m very happy with my performance and the good result in  2nd place)!!!

Next weekend from 15 to 17  of November, I have the 2nd lap of OBK (Open Brazil Kitesurf) in Taiba, One of my favourite spots for kitewave. 🙂 😀

Time to train now…

…speak soon my friends!!! Good wind forevery one ;)!!

Estefania Rosa

20131107_07184220131107_102714Stefania pbStefania acao 620131109_14153820131109_14182820131109_141710


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